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wearable art

wu tang 1
"Vagina & Uterus" Buttons
"Plant Based Princess" Shirt
"When Doves Cry" Prince Earrings
"La Perle Negra" Earrings
Assorted handmade wood pins
"Crush On You" pin
"Basquiat Crown Me" earrings
"Crush On You' Lil' Kim earring set
"Dorothy Dandrige" as Carmen Jones
"Womenof the World" pin
"Queen Nzinga" earrings
"Janet Jackson Control" Earrings
"Amazing Grace" pin
"Don't Touch My Hair" earrings
"I Love Lucy" Handmade Earrings
"24" photo shoot make-up/body paint
"Basquiat" hand painted jacket
"Ice Cream Conversations" art case
"Hip Hop Hooray" customized boots
"Basquiat" phone case
"Sade" earrings
"Pancakes & Syrup" earrings
"Te Amo Frida" earrings
"Africa" clay necklace
Custom Basquiat Timberlands
"Pizza & Pop" necklace
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