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My name is Dro and I am the creator and owner of KLT Art. I am a Chicago native, Black American multi-genre artist, blogger, business owner, UIC grad, and renaissance woman.


I have been creating art of different genres all my life ranging from dance to puppet crafting. These experiences, alongside a vivid imagination, have awarded me to continuously elevate my creativity and improve my craft. My artistry and creativity is my power, my voice and how I tell stories. 


I officially established my small online business in June of 2014 creating and selling pieces of art. These items include paintings, drawings, handmade pins, customized timberlands, jewelry, and other artsy items. KLT Art celebrates culture, black art, African American art, color, history, creativity, making bold statements, and one-of-a-kindness. KLT Art recently added photography services as well. With KLT Art, one can be sure to stand out in the crowd with great quality products. 

"Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play."

Henri Matisse
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