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Marching Into March ๐ŸŒผ

Happy March, lovelies! The one thing I love about this month is that it's an official transition from winter into spring. And chile, this winter has been a true drag! I try my best to make the most of all of the seasons, but bay bay, when it comes to winter, and this winter especially, I'm just over it!

KLT Art is of course preparing for the spring and summer seasons! Artistically speaking, I love creating art, but I also have to balance it with the business side. As for now, you guys will see many more illustration designs I create as opposed to handmade items like earrings. Now don't get me wrong! The earrings ain't goin' nowhere, but as for now and until I reach my goal as a business, I will be focusing a lot more on illustrating.

Although I'm tapping more into the business side of art, I'm still keeping it funky and creative!

With that being said, hope you all enjoy the new month!

P.S. Enjoy our 15% off spring sale!

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