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Handmade Gift Guide 2017

It's that time of year again! Instead of fighting in Walmart, standing in long lines at Zara, and trying to grab the last set of earrings at Macy's, wouldn't you rather sit at home in your pajamas and sip on hot green tea while shopping online? Have no fear, KLT Art by Kendro is here! Get into all of our handmade goodies for you, your mama, and your cousin too!

Gifts for Pop Culture Lovers:

For The Soul Sistah:

Gifts for Your Woke/Feminist/Activist Bestie:

For Art Bae:

Your Naturalista Sister:

For The Hip Hop Heads:

For the Indecisive Sibling:

The creativity doesn't stop there! Be sure to subscribe to the KLT Art by Kendro website and follow the Etsy shop and social media pages to stay updated on new handcrafted items!

Take 20% off on your purchase with the code "LOVELY1". FREE SHIPPING on paintings!

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