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What's Up February?! Martin TV Show T-Shirts & More!

What's up, y'all? What's up, February?! Hope 2019 has been treating you guys right. Here at KLT Art, we've been cooking up some new goodies! One of the many newbies we've brought to the shop is shirts. Yes, shirts.

Finally. Finally. FINALLY! It took forever, but here we are. One of the most popular shirts is the "Sheneneh and Key Lo Lo Homies" shirt based off the talent show scene from Martin.


Here are a few more goodies we have in store:

"Plant Based Princess" ("Prince" option available too):

"Women of the World":

"Fabulous Femcee"

There are plenty more options on the Etsy shop and plenty more to be created. Until the next blogpost! Thanks for rockin' with KLT Art!

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