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New Painting, Who Dis?! "Bird Lady"

It's been so long since I've created a painting! I finally finished this piece a few nights ago and it was so refreshing and satisfying to complete it. I missed that old thang! So much of my work has been involved in creating jewelry as of lately. Meet "Bird Lady".

I came up with this idea last summer with a simple sketch. This piece has influences from a few different sources. One being Marie Antoinette's infamous pouffe hairstyle. I've always adored the French queen's flamboyant style and thought it would be neat to flip this on a Black woman. If you follow my art journey, you know a lot of my work, especially drawings and paintings, is inspired by nature. I thought it would be amazing to create a pouffe themed hairstyle as a birds nest with birds eggs.

"Bird Lady" wears a green gown inspired from the 1700's Gregorian era symbolizing earth, fertility, and greenery of nature. Her striking brown skin can not only be attributed to being an "original woman", but also that of the earth and the tree that carries the bird's nest.

On both hands, she carries a Northern red cardinal and a spotted Kingfisher. She gracefully wears pearls around her neck and the one in her ear echoes the Johannes Vermeer's 1665 "Girl With A Pearl Earring".

I probably say this about every painting I make, but this is definitely going down as one of my favorites! Can't wait to create more!

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