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4 Time Management Tips

Life can be so hectic and busy! When I was in undergrad, I thought my long days and long nights would cease after graduation. Since I opened another business, spent more time blogging, and have been modeling more, managing my time more has been extremely vital to my well being. To add, my diet transition to pescetarianism and casual veganism, has forced me to cook a lot more than usual. Nonetheless, I still manage to get the jobs done and I still look for more ways to progress. Here are a few ways I manage my time and tips I aim to add into my busy lifestyle:

1. Keep a planner

When I was in elementary school, every year us students were given daily planners by our school to jot down our homework. This was a habit that stuck with me for a long time. When I got to college, I always purchased a planner from the campus bookstore so I could do the same thing I did in my younger years. Writing down homework, deadlines, events, and priorities has helped me tremendously. If you're not into carrying around planners, check out planner apps for your phone or just utilize the calendar app to plan out your days.

2. Wake up early

Years ago, I would have never guessed that I'd be a morning person like I am now! You know what they say; the early bird gets the worm. Now I don't wake up at 6am, I'm not about that life yet, but waking up earlier has done wonders for my work schedule. I can wake up to work on blogging, orders, social media promoting, and have some delicious breakfast on the side.

3. Meal Prep

Mean prep is something I'm still trying to fully transition into. Websites like Pinterest, YouTube, and a multitude of lifestyle, health, and cooking blogs have amazing meal prepping tips to get you ready for the work week. It's best to meal prep on an off day for the week. If you aren't able to do that, planning a daily menu for the week can also be beneficial.

4. Work In Chunks

Working in time frames is something I'm new to adding in my work lifestyle. For example, I may blog for an hour, work on jewelry for the next hour, and clean up in the next hour. This is great for me because I have so many things to do. So instead of trying to complete one project in a day, and another the next day, I break up these tasks in time increments.

What are some ways that you manage your time with a busy schedule?

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