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Art Beat Chicago X Silent Chicago Social Art Party Recap

Last night, I attended the Paradigm Creatve Group Art Beat Chicago x Silent Chicago social art party. My first Art Beat art party I attended was this past May for the Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Prince tribute, and I had a grand time. This was a fusion of live paintings, artwork, and silent partying at the Citlalin Art Gallery in the Pilsen neighborhood here in Chicago. A silent party is where attendants wear headphones and can choose between three different stations and party like it's 1999. Basically, it's similar to a regular party, but everyone has headphones in.

The theme of the party was "Reliving Childhood". The piece I created was a self-portrait of myself when I was a young girl as an artist. The painting is a mixed media blend of acrylic paint, paper, an old bottle of paint, braiding hair, barretes, and more cool stuff that represented my artistic childhood. Take a peek of my process:

I did a live painting while the party was going on. It's a mixed media, music inspired piece I'm using with old vinyl records. I'm not completely finished, but I did enjoy finishing a good portion of it. Special thanks to Paradigm Creative Group and Silent Party Chicago for putting together another great event. The silent party was definitely a new experience!

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