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Looking for Businesses: Black Owned Business Holiday Guide 2016


This holiday season, KLT Art by Kendro will be featuring a holiday guide of Black owned businesses to shop at. Why only Black owned businesses, do you ask? For one thing, Black owned businesses are highly discriminated against in comparison to non-Black owned businesses. Black business owners are discriminated against in terms of trying to receive business and resources for education, jobs programs, etc. are not being allocated to Black communities, especially in urban areas like the predominantly Black neighborhoods in my city, Chicago.

To support Black owned businesses means more money goes into underfunded communities, more jobs are being created, and less crime. Historically speaking, and even in today's era, ethnic groups have immigrated to America and practiced group economics to establish wealth and preserve their cultures. That's why there are neighborhoods like Little Italy, China Town, Little Havana, and Greek Town in metropolis cities like San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles.

As a Black woman owner of two businesses, I find this very important. It's not about discrimination, it's taking time to support a marginalized group I belong to. With that being stated, I am still looking for BOBs to list on the guide. This is welcome to businesses both nationally and internationally and the list will be released in late October/early November. Please share this message with any BOB owners you know.

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