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First Paint Party Experience

Last week, I got the opportunity to be a paint instructor for a paint and sip party at Camelot Southwest Exel Acsdemy on the southside of my city, Chicago. My good friend Kadija Stallings who created "Dija's Paint & Sip Session" notified m about this great opportunity to fill in for her since she could not make it that day. She is also in the process of expanding her paint and sip company by having multiple artists work different paint parties across the city.

At the paint party, I worked with a group of fourteen teen girls between the ages of 15 and 18. We created a woman with a headwrap, a tube top, and a red background. It was a simple task that didn't take too long to complete. Sparkling Welch's juice and my favorite, Jamaican food, was served at the party. I had a wonderful time teaching the young ladies at this paint party and I'm more than excited to teach the next one. Special thanks to Kadija for telling me about this opportunity and supplying the supplies and to Ms. Sheena at Camelot Southwest Excel Academy for giving me the opportunity to host this amazing event. Check out some of the photos below!

Setting Up
The Artwork
The Artists & I!
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