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Want your Telfar bag customized? Send it to KLT Art and we’ll spaz on it!

Customers have the option to pay in full $300 or two down payments; the first for $150 to begin, the last for $150 once the purse is completed then it will be shipped.

Here’s how you do it:


1. Once the package is purchased, please send us a theme but be sure to keep it appropriate. That means no profane images or words, occult, gang symbols, etc. Some great themes to choose from are anime, floral, animals, food, travel, cartoon, birthday, special occasion and fashion themes. It’s always best to discuss the themes with us first if you’re not sure.

2. Send us your purse! Once your purchase is complete, the address will be provided where you can send it.

3. Once a theme is chosen, we create & send sketches. Once they’re approved by you, our lovely customer. We get to work!


4. Processing/designing takes 1-1.5 weeks. If you need them at a certain time frame, PLEASE let us know ahead of time as we’d like to ensure you receive not only the best quality but in the proper time too!


5. Throughout the process of designing, we always send photos of how things are coming along to make sure you, the customer can approve, disapprove, make changes, etc. Buyer trust is KEY.



I do not copy other artist’s work. Inspiration is fine, but I will not use another artist’s work to replicate. The best way to avoid this is by coming up with the sketch design to make your purse as exclusive for you as possible!

We can be reached via email or our contact form.

Custom Hand Painted Purse Design Service | Personalized Name, Initials, Birthday

PriceFrom $150.00
  • This item is shipped from: Miami, FL

    Processing & Production Time: 7-14 days

    Shipping Time U.S.: 1-3 business days

    Shipping Time International: 5-10 business days (can go up to 30 depending on the country)

    NOTE: These are estimate times. Most orders come earlier. Please track your package(s) with your tracking number. Keep in mind of factors like weather, holidays, weekends, etc.

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